Madam DUMERAY, after
€ 1800
Madam DUMERAY, after
Portrait of Louise-Marie-Adélaïde de Bourbon Penthièvre (1753-1821)
€ 1800
Object N° 1713

Oval miniature painted on ivory, bearing a signature on the right apocryphal "Cosway 1790".

Representing the daughter of the Duke of Penthièvre, wife of the Duke of Chartres in a white dress ending with a serrated collar and wearing a ribboned cap. 

In its rectangular blackened wooden frame, gilt copper hoop. 

H. 12 x L. 9.5 cm.

Frame: H. 19.5 x L. 16.5 cm.


- Collection of Prince Henri de Bourbon (1899-1960).

- Its sale, Versailles, Palais des Congrès, Me Martin, December 5, 1971, n° 104. 

- Napoleon Foundation. 


This miniature was made from a portrait drawn by Madame Dumeray during the Restauration and not in the 18th century as wrongly indicated on the cartouche of the drawing owned by the Duc d'Aumale, now kept in the collections of the Château de Chantilly. Madame Dumeray exhibited a portrait of H.S.H. the Dowager Duchess of Orleans at the 1817 Salon, which was presented again at the 1831 Salon. She exhibited at the Salon from 1806 to 1831, linked to the Orléans family under the Restoration, she was a pupil of Augustin and Laurent. 

The lithograph that was taken from the watercolour kept in Chantilly by Madame Dumeray gives us certain information to affirm that our miniature was made from this same portrait and that the signature "Cosway 1790" appears to be apocryphal. A painting taken from this portrait is in the collections of the Château d'Eu, having been bought at the sale of the remnant of the Nemours collections in July 1994. 

Louise-Marie-Adélaïde de Bourbon Penthièvre, daughter of the Duke of Penthièvre, married the Duke of Chartres in 1769 in Versailles, the future Duke of Orleans and remained sadly famous under the name of Philippe Égalité. She is the mother of King Louis Philippe and was the sole heiress to the considerable fortune of her father, the Duke of Penthièvre. She lived through the vicissitudes of the Revolution, then went into long exile in Spain and finally returned to France under the Restauration. She died in her castle of Ivry in 1821.