A porcelain plate with ‘fleurettes’
A porcelain plate with ‘fleurettes’
by Sèvres from Consulate period
Object N° 856

With a polychrome decoration of a seedling of "fleurettes" in the basin, the marli decorated with groups of flowers surrounded by gold rims.

Good condition, an old restoration on the edge.

Sèvres national factory, year XII (1803-1804).


D. 22.5 cm.


Service called "fleurettes" bought by "Mr. Blancquart from the city of Ghent" on 26 Thermidor in the year XIII (August 14, 1805) (Arch. Sèvres, Vz1, 166).

Serving a large number of pieces, it included 132 plates and 24 soup plates.


It is most certainly Josse Joseph Blancquart or Blancquaert (1762-1843), lord of Ter Eecken, merchant in Ghent. He owned salt refineries and soap factories there.


Collective work, edited by Camille Leprince, Napoleon I and Sèvres, Feu et talent, 2016, p. 257, service n° 60 (our plate illustrated).