A Sèvres imperial porcelain plate
A Sèvres imperial porcelain plate
Delivered for the service of the Grand Marechal at the Palace of Saint-Cloud
Object N° 633

The marli with nankin ground is decorated with groups of ivy and palmettes in brown, it is edged with gold rims.

Good condition, a restored crack.

Sèvres imperial factory, 1808.

Mark with red stamp, the words "Manufacture impériale" erased, as often for the imperial services of palaces reused under Louis XVIII.

Mark of the painter Apprien-Julien Hirel de Choisy, (active c.1770-1812).

D. 24 cm.


Service "fond nankin lierre régulier" entered at the store on March 15, 1810 (Arch. Sèvres, Vu1, fol. 90 v °), directly delivered on March 13, 22 and May 2, 1810 on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor at the Palace of Saint-Cloud, for the service of the Grand Maréchal.

Including a starter and a dessert service, including 144 flat plates, for a total cost of 3888 frs, it was delivered with 4 melonnières and 4 additional baskets (Vy19, fol. 16 and Vbb2, fol. 108 and 108 v °).

This service was reused at the Château de Compiègne on the table of King Charles X from 1824 onwards (sources: Sèvres Archives), hence the mention "Manufacture impériale" on the back.


The Palace of Saint-Cloud was restored by order of the First Consul in 1801. It became the official center of power under the Consulate and the Empire. In this palace took place the many events of the Empire including the civil marriage of Napoleon and Marie-Louise in 1810 and the baptism of the king of Rome in 1811.

A supplement to this service was delivered to Prince Frederick of Prussia on July 15, 1815 (Vbb5, fol. 6).