A Sèvres porcelain plate
A Sèvres porcelain plate
Restauration period, reign of Louis XVIII (1814-1824)
Object N° 245

The green ground marli, possibly the "vert de moufle", is decorated with a polychrome frieze of pink flowers (daisies?) and foliage, edged with gold rims.

Very good condition.

Sèvres Royal Factory, 1820.

Mark with blue stamp.

D. 24 cm.


Although the decoration of our plate does not seem to match, the only service with a green background from the Restoration period is the dessert service "green background, scraped frieze", entered the sales store on November 24, 1820 and delivered to La Moussaye, probably Louis-Toussaint, marquis of La Moussaye (1778-1854), on November 3, 1827, with in particular 71 flat plates.