A Sèvres porcelain sugar bowl & its tray
A Sèvres porcelain sugar bowl & its tray
From the service delivered to the Count of La Rochejaquelein
Object N° 1552

A "coupe" shape covered sugar bowl and its oval tray fixed in hard-paste porcelain, the border with a pink ground is surrounded at the top by two friezes of stylized polychrome flowers, one of which is on a white background, each frieze bordered with a gold rim.

Very good condition.

Sèvres royal factory, Charles X period (1824-1830).

Mark with blue stamp with the cypher of King Charles X, mark of the gilder Moyez and incised mark dated 1825.

L. 28 x D. 16.5 x H. 13 cm.


A first original dessert service described "fond rose frise coloriée dans une zone blanche" entered the store on December 10, 1822 (Arch. CC, Sèvres, Vv1, 189) and was delivered to a certain Mr. Holgan in 1824, including 121 flat plates, 4 fruit bowls and 2 sugar bowls with trays (Vbb6, 33).

Given the incised mark of our sugar bowl, this one comes from the "second" service "fond rose frise légère" (sic) which entered the store on March 3, 1826 (Vv1, 250-16) and was delivered to the Count of La Rochejaquelein, Auguste du Vergier de La Rochejaquelein (1784-1868), September 8, 1830 (Vbb8, 22), with in particular 16 flat plates, 4 bowls and 2 sugar bowls with trays.

A third service "fond rose frise coloriée etc" entered the store on April 9, 1831 (Vv2, 38 v °) and was undoubtedly delivered to the composer Auber on May 31, 1837 (Vbb9, 12 v°) including 32 flat plates and others individual pieces.