A Sèvres porcelain sugar bowl “Mélissin”
A Sèvres porcelain sugar bowl “Mélissin”
Presented as a Race Prize
Object N° 307

With a "bleu de moufle" ground, ornate with a polychrome decoration of two medallions with a green ground adorned with butterflies, in a frieze of palmettes and purple foliage enhanced with gold shaded in imitation of bronze, surrounded by large gold rims.

Good condition, a restoration at a handle (cover missing).

Sèvres Royal Factory, 1831.


H. 11 x L. 25 cm.


One of the two sugar bowls in the service describes "blue muffle background, printed purple decor, butterflies etc. Entered the Sèvres sales store on May 9, 1835, offered as a prize at the Dieppe Races in July 1853 (Arch. Sèvres, Vbb11, 291). It included 72 plates, 4 fruit bowls on foot, 2 sugar bowls and 2 coolers.