A Sèvres porcelain teapot from Empire period
A Sèvres porcelain teapot from Empire period
From the cabaret "fond hortensia, décor colorié"
Object N° 1805

Pestum-shaped covered teapot in hard porcelain, with a pink background called "hydrangea", with polychrome decoration of a frieze of foliated scrolls on the upper edge and a frieze of stylized patterns on the lower edge, gold fillets on the edges.

Good general condition, the gilded metal socket added.

Imperial Manufacture of Sèvres, 1812.

Red stamp and painter's mark.

H. 19 cm.


Our teapot comes from the cabaret "Fond hortensia décor colorié", which entered the Sèvres sales shop on June 17, 1813 (Arch. Sèvres, Vv1, fol. 5 v°). It consists of 12 tea cups and saucers and a Pestum teapot, for a total cost of 465 frs. Unfortunately, we do not yet know the recipient.