Linzinska Aimée Zoé de Mirbel (1796-1849)
€ 12000
Linzinska Aimée Zoé de Mirbel (1796-1849)
Portrait of Prince Ferdinand-Philippe, Duke of Orléans (1810-1842)
€ 12000
Object N° 1602

Oval miniature painted with gouache on ivory, signed on the right "Linzinka de Mirbel" and dated 1842, representing the Duke of Orléans in a bust, three-quarters on the left, in black frock coat, wearing the plaque and the great cord of the Order of the Legion of Honour, in a cloudy sky background.

Preserved in a beautiful rectangular wooden frame from the early 19th century, with an oval view circled by carved gilt bronze, decorated with gilt metal star at the corners.

H. 10.5 x L. 8.5 cm (out of frame).

H. 18,2 x L. 15,5 cm (with frame).


The Pohl-Ströher Collection.


Lizinska de Mirbel first painted this model in 1837, the year Ferdinand-Philippe married Hélène de Mecklembourg-Schwerin, and exhibited it at the Salon of 1838. Several versions are known to the artist's hand, especially in response to the Prince's brutal death, to meet the demand to the request of the Royal Family's entourage. Some versions were still made in the following years.

Our miniature, of high quality, is interesting because it was made in 1842, the year of the national drama, in the sudden loss of the Royal Prince. As Ingres who was also requested for some versions of his famous portrait or Pradier for his iconic medallion, but with a much wider audience. However, Mirbel's Lizinka replicas are more limited, given the higher cost of these works made by the artist himself.

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- Christie's London Auction, October 17, 1995, lot 107 (signed and dated 1837).

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- Auction « Une collection pour l’Histoire », Sotheby’s Paris, 29/30 September 2015, lot 57 (signed and dated 1837), probably the very first version exhibited at the 1838 Salon.