ORLOVSKI Vladimir (Kiev 1842-Nervi 1914)
ORLOVSKI Vladimir (Kiev 1842-Nervi 1914)
Pier in the port of Pozzuoli, Italy
Object N°

Oil on canvas

H. 39 x W. 64.5 cm

Signed and dated lower right in Cyrillic V. Orlowski 1876


Vladimir Donatovich Orlovsky, whose talents were quickly recognized by the Russian aristocracy in Moscow and St. Petersburg, a member of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, was as famous during his lifetime as the great landscape and marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. After his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts he undertook a grand tour of Europe, crossing Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. Our painting dates from one of his Italian stays between 1869 and 1882.

Our painting depicts the port of Pozzuoli, west of Naples, where he stayed several times. Another view of Pozzuoli at night, from another angle, is kept at the Tretriakov Gallery in Moscow.

From 1886 Vladimir Orlowski returned to the Ukraine and, together with other artists, founded the Kiev School of Fine Arts. Italy retained a special attraction for him and it was during one of his stays that he died in Nervi.

ОРЛОВСКИЙ Владимир Донатович (1842-1914)

Пирс порта Поццуоли, Италия

Холст, масло

Один из основателей академий искусст Киева Владимир Донатович Орловского был членом Императорской Академий Художеств Санкт-Петербурга. Наша картина относится к периоду 1869-1882 годов, когда художник приезжал в Италию. Друга,робота с пейзажем Поццуоли находется в Третьяко́вской галерее.