Part of the service intended for the Emperor Napoléon at the château de Marracq
€ 4500
Part of the service intended for the Emperor Napoléon at the château de Marracq
Made in Sèvres porcelain, described "frise d'or, feuille de saule"
€ 4500
Object N° 1703

Composed of 8 plates et de 2 octogonal compotiers, decorated in gold with a frieze of willow leaves on the border and on the central rosette, surrounded by a seedling of leaves.

A few wear at the gold but overall good condition.

Sèvres imperial factory, 1807-1808.

Marked with red stamp.

D. 23 et 28 cm.


- Service described "frise d’or feuille de saule", entered the Sèvres shop on April 8, 1807, originally intended for the use of the Emperor Napoleon Ist at the château de Marracq (Bayonne), but who will finally buy only "24 assiettes à soupe, 4 bateaux, 4 beurriers navettes, deux saladiers, 18 pots à jus" on June 25, 1808 (Arch. Sèvres, Vbb2, 84 and Vy18, 44 v°).

- The rest of the service was delivered by order of the Emperor to the Grand Duke of Würzburg, Ferdinand III of Tuscany (1769-1824), on August 30th, 1807, with particularly our 2 octagonal compotiers, and a supplement notably of plates delivered in 1808 (Vbb2, 72 and Vy18, 17 v°).


- Collective work, edited by Camille Leprince, Napoléon Ier et Sèvres, Feu et talent, 2016, p. 265, service n°94 (unillustrated).

- André Lebourleux, Le château de Marracq, de Marie-Anne de BEUBOURG à Napoléon 1er, Atlantica, Biarritz, 2007.


Marracq is one of the imperial residences, bought by Napoleon on May 19, 1808 (the service was delivered one month later), which he had furnished by the Garde-meuble de la Couronne. Napoleon arrived there on 17 April and stayed until 20 July. Ferdinand VII arrived on 20 April 1808 and abdicated on 9 and 10 May. Napoleon made a brief stopover on 3 November 1808, arriving at 3 a.m.