Rare Japanese lacquer medallion
€ 2800
Rare Japanese lacquer medallion
Kyoto, 18th century
€ 2800
Object N° 1685

Lacquer medallion decorated with gold maki-e said Takamakie on a black background said Roiro depicting the portrait of Anne Le Fevre in bust after an engraving, surmounted by her name in capital letters, provided with a gripping ring.

Inscription on the back: "Woman of Mr Dacier Born in Saumur; Died on August 17, 1720. Aged 68 Years."

Japan, probably Kyoto, for export, via the Dutch East India Company, Edo period, late 18th century.

Good condition, very slight lacquer missing.

H. 12 x L. 9 cm.


- Long after the expulsion of the Portuguese in 1640, Japan continued to manufacture lacquers for export. 18th century artists were able to take advantage of gold lacquer processes to transpose Western engravings like here. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam thus preserves several examples of this refined art.

- Anne Le Fevre, wife Ironside, was a French Hellenist and scholar.

His portrait engraved by Robert Gaillard is kept at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland. The same legend is inscribed on it as on the back of this medallion.


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