Rare Sèvres porcelain vase
Rare Sèvres porcelain vase
With the portrait of Emperor Napoleon I
Object N° 1194

Porcelain Etruscan carafe-shaped vase of second size, with a beau bleu ground, decoration on one side of a crown of gold bay leaves surrounding the portrait in medallion. This last polychrome is signed lower left C(lémen)ce Turgan and dated 1852. It is bordered by a garland of gold and platinum leaves held by ribbons and surmounted by a star. Finely chiseled gilt bronze handles as well as the round base.

Sèvres imperial factory, 1852.

Marked with red stamp.

H. 42 cm.


One of the 2 carafe vases of 2nd size described "fond bleu au grand feu; décor en or, portraits coloriés de Napoléon Ier et de Joséphine", entered the sales store on April 29, 1853 (Arch. MNC, Sèvres, Vv5, 67, 57 ), for a unit price of 800 francs (manufacturing cost: 580 francs each).

We could not find the delivery but it seems very likely that these were delivered for the palace of Compiègne, at the same time as the pair of carafe vases with portraits of King Louis Bonaparte and Queen Hortense (inv. C1317- 1318). The latter are of the same shape although they have a green background, and would have been part of a set delivered to Napoleon III decorated with portraits of members of his family.

A pair of vases with the same background and same portraits of Napoleon and Josephine, but of Therlian form, was delivered to the palace of Saint-Cloud to HM Emperor Napoleon III, on October 10, 1853 (Vbb11, f ° 295 v °).


Mme Turgan, painter for extraordinary works in Sèvres (active 1830; 1837-1852). In her work register, we know that she started the vases in February 1852 and that she finished them in October 1852, she will be paid 400 francs for the pair (Vj'58, f ° 168).


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