Sèvres porcelain Art Deco vase
Sèvres porcelain Art Deco vase
Decorated with crystal enamels with flower patterns
Object N° 1562

Cylindrical in shape resting on a copper base.

Good condition.

Sèvres National Factory, 1923.

Marked with black stamp dated 1923.

H. 22 cm.


The crystallization technique was developed around 1882 in the laboratory of the Manufacture de Sèvres but it was not used immediately in the decoration workshops. Bolder, the Royal Manufacture of Copenhagen will use this discovery in 1883 to create an aesthetic effect and launch fashion. In 1900, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, the factories in Copenhagen, Berlin, Meissen and Sèvres presented crystallized pieces on their stands. All of them bear witness to a perfect mastery of the cooking of enamel, notably composed of zinc. The glaze reproduces a natural phenomenon found in the mineral world: marcasite stars, malachite nipples, sand roses, frost flowers.