Sèvres porcelain compotier from Louis XVIII period
Sèvres porcelain compotier from Louis XVIII period
From the service Nankin ground landscapes, views of France
Object N° 731

Compotier of shape "coupe à bourrelet", the border with a Nankin ground is decorated with a frieze of palmettes in brown, the center decorated with a rosette printed in gold, the pedestal in gold.

Very good condition.

Sèvres royal factory, Louis XVIII period (1814-1824).

Mark with the blue stamp with the King's figure.

Incised mark dated April 1818.

H. 7 x D. 22.5 cm.


- Our compotier is part of the dessert service described "fond nankin landscapes, views of France etc", entered the Sèvres sales store on February 23, 1821 (Arch. Sèvres, Vu1, 157-28) and bought by a certain Mr. Sloper in July 1821 (Vz4, 46 v°). It consisted of 24 ordinary flat plates, 4 compotiers coupes à pied (one of which accompanied ours was sold by our gallery), 2 compotiers coupe à bourrelet (including ours) at 25 frs each, 2 sugar bowls cut, 4 fruit bowls, 2 coolers and 2 jasmin baskets. It still belonged to a private collection in Paris in 1961 (source: Archives de Sèvres).

- A first service "fond nankin landscapes, views of France etc", entered on November 27, 1818 (Arch. Sèvres, Vu1, 113 v ° -60) was delivered in February 1819 to HRH the Duke of Gloucester (Vz3, 145-146 and Pb4, 1817, No. 3). It was made up of 8 compotiers at 25 frs each, without specifying the shape, but the presence of 2 compotiers à pied and à bourrelet in our set takes us away from this first service and makes us lean rather for the second (including a plate reproduced in illustration 5).


Mr. Sloper, English lawyer and jurisconsult, lived in Paris at n° 12 place Dauphine (sources: various newspapers and gazettes from the years 1820-1830).