Sèvres porcelain fruit bowl
Sèvres porcelain fruit bowl
Gift of Empress Marie-Louise on New Years Day 1813
Object N° 1732

In the shape of a " jatte à bord renversé, pied à bourrelet", with a pink ground called "hortensia", with polychrome decoration of attributes in leafy garlands, the pedestal entirely gilt.

Good condition, light shine on the edge.

Sèvres imperial factory, 1812.

Marked with red stamp.

H. 15 x D. 24.5 cm.


A cabaret " fond hortensia décor lierre et attributs" was presented by the Empress Marie-Louise to the Countess of Ségur for the Étrennes of 1813. The document of entry to the factory sales store lists 12 cups, a teapot, two sugar bowls, a milk jug, but strangely no bowl as is usually the case. However, the archives of the Manufacture's credit sales mention in addition to the 12 cups five pieces and not four, the fifth piece most likely being our fruit bowl, which explains the likely error in the entry list.


Collective work under the dir. of C. Leprince, Napoleon I and Sèvres, The art of porcelain in the service of the Empire, Paris, 2016, p. 326.