Sèvres porcelain inkstand, Empire period
Sèvres porcelain inkstand, Empire period
Possibly delivered for a palace of the Emperor Napoleon
Object N° 1575

Inkstand in the form described "écritoire ronde à jatte, cornet à pompe " (created at Sèvres in 1807), formed by a central inkwell with three feathered compartments and a circular body, with a beau bleu ground, decorated with a capraire frieze in gold, gold filet on the rims.

Overall good condition, slight wear on the gold and a cooking crack.

Sèvres imperial factory, 1809.

Red stamp marks.

H. 6 x D. 16 cm.


The lack of precision in the archives of Sèvres makes it impossible for us to distinguish the different écritoires "beau bleu, frise d'or" which came out of Sèvres in 1809. Let us note in particular one delivered for Compiègne: "1 écritoire fond beau bleu frise d'or" , 20/24 frs (Arch. MNC, Sèvres, Vu1, 74, 234-9) ; another entered to the sales store : "1 écritoire jatte fond beau bleu frise d'or", 20/30 frs, Vu1, 82 v °, 246-20. Finally, let us cite a " écritoire jatte beau bleu " which was delivered to the Empress Marie-Louise at the Palais de Saint-Cloud on March 6, 1811 (see picture 4th).