Superb Sèvres porcelain cup and saucer
Superb Sèvres porcelain cup and saucer
Delivered to the fumist of Napoleon, Jacques Trabuchi
Object N° 1733

2nd size Jasmin Denon shaped porcelain cup and its saucer, with chocolate brown ground decorated with a polychrome frieze of flowers on matt burnished gold ground.

Very good condition.

Sèvres imperial factory, 1810.

Marked with red stamp.

H. 6.5 x D. 12.3 cm.


Most probably from the cabaret "fond brun frise d'or" entered the Sèvres sales store on December 28, 1810 then purchased on June 1, 1811 by M. Trabuchi (Arch. Sèvres, Vz2 fol. 7 v °).


Originally from Italy, the Trabuchi brothers, Jacques-Marie (1751-1805), Joachim-Louis (1758-1852) and Joseph-Marie (1769-1846) came to settle in Paris shortly before the Revolution of 1789. L eldest, Jacques, founded the first smokehouse establishment there. Endowed with a superior talent in a field almost unknown until then in the capital, and possessing above all the precious qualities which captivate confidence, he managed to obtain numerous works in the palaces of the government, in the royal houses and in the principal hotels. They notably delivered tiled stoves to Napoleon's residences, such as Malmaison or the Grand Trianon. Sheltered from all competition, barely able to suffice for the multiplicity of businesses that abounded in him on all sides, Jacques knew how to be seconded by his two brothers, fix the fortune of his house, and congratulated himself on such a happy prosperity when, at the age of fifty-four, as a result of excess work and fatigue, the merciless death came to interrupt the course of such a fine career.

Referenced as stove-smokers by HM the Emperor and King, rue Duphot n° 11 in Paris, in the Dictionnaire de 1812, they notably won a silver medal at the Exhibition of Industrial Products of the 'an X, for a full-size terracotta copy of the Lantern of Demosthenes of Athens, which was placed in the park of the castle of Saint-Cloud for the first consul Bonaparte.