Aim and policy
Royal Provenance offers works of art, especially antique porcelain, to both private and professional customers, mainly through this website.
Our wish is to offer to our collectors worldwide rare pieces provided with a royal, or any other notable provenance, that we try to identify as well as possible.

To purchase an item, the buyer has to contact Royal Provenance by email, letter or phone, afterwards the item will be automatically booked for the first customer in case several orders are placed at the same time.
When ordering an item, the buyer agrees to provide all needed personal information (name, address, phone, Email and, if requested, a copy of identity card or passport) necessary for the delivery of the purchase to his home.
The date of the order is attached in the Email sent to the customer after acceptance of the order. The sale will be concluded only after the confirmation of the order.
The information given by the buyer when making an order commits him not to claim any responsibility of the seller if an error appears in the address or the name of the recipient, and if the product could not be delivered.

Only people legally capable, particularly financially, have the opportunity to purchase on this site.
• Price
The sale price is the one indicated at the time of billing. The shipping and packaging fees are provided at the time of the order depending on the type of delivery chosen and the destination. (See the Shipping part of these Conditions of Sale.)
Prices are indicated in US Dollars, prices in Euros are estimates. They are all taxes included, but do not include the participation in shipping and packaging fees, and possible insurances. We remain owners of the product until the full amount of the bill has been fully paid.
• Method of payment
The buyer has the option to acquire an object only through this site. Payment must be done within 10 days after the day of agreement. Beyond this limit, the sale is null and void.
Payment is made at the discretion of the buyer through the following options:
– By check in euros
– By wire transfer to the following account:
IBAN : FR76 3000 3022 4200 0200 6127 982
Account number : 00020061279
Bank code : 30003
Guichet/Counter : 02242
Key : 82

Shipping and delivery
Upon the purchase of an item, an Email will be automatically sent to the buyer stating the recap of purchase, joined with our bank details.
No item will be delivered to the purchaser prior to the payment of the full amount due.
Items will be sent within 15 days after the total amount has been collected.
According to the wish of the buyer, the item can:
– Be collected in Paris by appointment within 30 days of purchase. In this case, the object must have been paid by wire or by check, or possibly by cash on the day of delivery.
– Be delivered, stating that the shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. They must be paid at the time of purchase.
Royal Provenance works with the carrier Paris Arts Transfert for the shipping of its works of art. This professional, fast and secure company will make us a quote for packing the purchase and shipping worldwide with FedEx, which we will forward to the buyer. As soon as the buyer has confirmed the quote, this amount will be added to the invoice and will need to be fully paid before proceeding to the shipping process. The shipping costs include the file processing administrative costs by Paris Arts Transfert, the material for packing and the FedEx cost for shipping. The insurance optional and the buyer has to specify it when ordering.
We are not responsible for any additional custom fees that could be added at the reception of the package. Royal Provenance is not responsible for any damage, theft, delay or any problem that may occur during the shipping. Once sending the package, a tracking number will be communicated to the buyer so he can track the delivery of the package.
If the purchaser would like to choose his own carrier or any other shipping company, he has to let Royal Provenance know about it immediately after the purchase for us to organize otherwise.

Right of withdrawal
Under the French legislation on sales of goods and supplies of services remotely, and especially of Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, the purchaser has a period of 7 days , from the reception of the purchase, to withdraw without any reasons or incurring penalties, excepting, where applicable, the cost of return. It is stated that the legal right of withdrawal only works when the seller is professional and the buyer a natural person.
If the right of withdrawal is practiced, the buyer is refunded as soon as possible and no later than 30 days after the date on which the right of withdrawal is exercised. This refund can be made by any ways of payment. The buyer must return the item in the condition as it was featured on the website and in the same packaging requirements. If such is not the case, the right of withdrawal cannot be invoked.

The website owner is liable to the purchaser of the delivery of the item purchased on the site.
The item will be shipped once the payment is fully paid. Reminder of the French Decree No. 81-255 of 3rd March 1981 about the suppression of fraud in transactions of works of art and collectibles :
   Article 1 :
The usual or occasional sellers of works of art or their representatives, as well as public or ministerial officers conducting a public auction shall, at the purchaser’s request, deliver him an invoice, receipt, sale slip or extract of official report of the public sale containing the specifications they have made ​​as to the nature, composition, origin and age of the sold item.
   Article 2 :
The denomination of a work of art or an item, and only when immediately followed by a reference to a historical period, a century or a time, guarantees the buyer that this work of art or item was actually produced during the reference period. When one or more parts of the work of art or item are made later, the purchaser must be informed.
   Article 3 :
Unless it is accompanied by an express reservation on the authenticity, the indication that a work or an item bears the signature or the mark of an artist leads the guarantee that the artist mentioned is actually the author. The same effect is attached to the term “by” followed by the name of the author. This applies even when the name of the artist is immediately followed by the name or title of the work.
   Article 4 :
The use of the term “attributed to” followed by the name of an artist guarantees that the work has been performed during the period of production of the mentioned artist and that there are strong presumptions which designate him or her as the likely author.
   Article 5 :
The terms “workshop” followed by the name of an artist ensures that the work was executed in the master’s studio or under his direction. The mention of a workshop is necessarily followed by a mention of a specified period, in the case of a family workshop of several generations.
   Article 6 :
The terms “school of” followed by the name of an artist leads to guarantee that the author of the work was the pupil of the master quoted and has notoriously been influenced or benefited from his technique.
These terms may only be applied to a work executed during the lifetime of the artist or in less than fifty years after the time of his death. When referring to a specific place, the use of the term “school of” ensures that the work was performed during the lifetime of the designated artistic movement whose period must be specified and by an artist who has taken part in this movement.
   Article 7 :
The terms “in the taste of”, “style of”, “manner of”, “genre of”, “after”, confer no particular guarantee on the identity of the artist, date of work, or school.
   Article 8 :
Any facsimile, molding, copy or other reproduction of a work of art or collectible item must be designated as such.
   Article 9 :
Any facsimile, molding, copy or other reproduction of an original work of art within the meaning of Article 71 of Annex III of the General Tax Code, executed after the date of entry of this Decree, must be visibly and indelibly marked “Copy”.
   Article 10 :
Anyone who violates the provisions of Articles 1 and 9 of this Decree shall be liable to fines planned for contraventions of the fifth class.

Applicable rights in case of dispute
These conditions of sale are written in English for a better understanding of our international customers, but they are executed and interpreted in accordance with the French Law only. Only the Court of Paris in France will be competent. The conditions of sale can be sent to anyone in French by request.