A 18th century ivory gold-mounted tablet case
€ 2800
A 18th century ivory gold-mounted tablet case
Paris, 1778-1779
€ 2800
Object N° 1809

Trapezoidal ivory flat gold-mounted (750) tablet case, interior in gold with compartments for a notebook of two ivory writing tablets joined by a gold rivet and for a pencil (missing). The tablets inscribed in pencil with dedications dated 1806 and 1897. The hinged cover opening with a push-button is inscribed in gold "Souvenir / d'amitié" on each side. Each side is adorned with a painted oval miniature set under glass depicting a country scene bordered by gold foliage.

Small ivory cracks.

18th century, Paris, 1778-1779.

Goldsmith: François Durand (received in 1762) or François Delanoy (received in 1768).

Preserved in its original cardboard box sheathed in green shagreen, beige silk velvet interior, hinged opening (the push button is missing).

Gross weight: 60.8 g.

H. 8.7 x L. 5.2 cm.


Diderot mentions these precious cases in his "Encyclopédie" under the name of “tablettes”: "the tablets we use to write are a kind of little book which has a few sheets of ivory, paper or prepared parchment, on which we write with a touch or a pencil the things you want to remember."