Jean-Marie-Amable-Henri SIMON said Simon fils (1788-1866)
€ 6500
Jean-Marie-Amable-Henri SIMON said Simon fils (1788-1866)
Portrait of Louis-Antoine d'Artois, Dauphin of France, Duke of Angoulême (1775-1844)
€ 6500
Object N° 1849

Oval intaglio on glass in imitation of carnelian.


Charles X period, circa 1828.

Preserved in its original case sheathed in green shagreen, oval in shape opening hinged.

Good general condition, slight scratches.

H. 4.5 x L. 3.5 cm. Box: H. 6 x L. 5 cm.


Private collection, France.


In 1828, Simon received an order for three carnelian intaglios to be donated to the King's library, deposited directly by Simon. At least the first two are donations: Charles X, entered the Cabinet des médailles on June 17, 1829, and the Dauphin, Duke of Angoulême, made as a pendant to his father's portrait, "with Gayrard's medal as a potential reference" (see Literature below). The donation is estimated at 4000 francs, also his annual pension is increased by the King, "as a token of satisfaction for (his) talent in the portrait of Monsieur the Dauphin".

The artist immediately made a few copies on glass, a material frequently used by Simon, which he markets, glass perfectly imitating the appearance of carnelian and was misleading for more than one.

At the Salon of 1831, Simon exhibited three intaglios of Charles X, the Queen and the Dauphin, would he have had permission to take a piece out of the Royal Cabinet to present it to the public, or did he exhibit copies in glass such as ours?


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