A Charles X Sèvres porcelain fruit bowl
A Charles X Sèvres porcelain fruit bowl
From the service delivered to Count de La Rochejaquelein
Object N° 1410

The border with pink ground is surrounded at the top of two friezes of stylized polychrome flowers, one on a white background, each frieze bordered by a gold net.

Good condition.

Sèvres Royal Factory, 1825.

Mark with the blue stamp with the cipher of King Charles X.

H. 12 x D. 19.5 cm.


- The original dessert service described "pink frieze colored background in a white area" entered the sales store on December 10, 1822 (Arch. MN, Sèvres, Vv1, 189) and was delivered to a certain Holgan in 1824, with in particular 121 flat plates, 4 fruit bowls and 2 sugar bowls and trays (Vbb6, 33).

- A collection of the "light pink frieze background" (sic) service entered the store on March 3, 1826 (Vv1, 250-16) and was delivered to the Count of La Rochejaquelein, Auguste du Vergier de La Rochejaquelein (1784-1868), September 8, 1830 (Vbb8, 22), with in particular 16 flat plates, 4 bowls and 2 sugar bowls.

- A third service "pink colored frieze background etc" entered the store on April 9, 1831 (Vv2, 38 v °) and was probably delivered to the composer Auber on May 31, 1837 (Vbb9, 12v °) including 32 flat plates and other pieces individually.

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