A Napoleon III Sèvres porcelain plate
A Napoleon III Sèvres porcelain plate
From the service of the Ministry of War
Object N° 866

Hard-paste porcelain dessert plate, with polychrome central decoration of a satirical military scene signed Abel Schile, after an engraving by Nicolas-Touissaint Charlet around 1830, captioned in gold in a cartouche "L'officier et la politesse ? Dis donc, Gau...authier, connais-tu ça...- Inconnu aux bataillons d'Afrique", marli with a beautiful blue background is adorned with foliage and gold motifs surmounted by a staff trophy in the center.

Good condition, slight restoration at the edge.

Sèvres Imperial Factory, 1864.


D. 24.5 cm.


Service described "fond bleu, frise et inscription en or, sujets militaires" issued to the Ministry of War July 4, 1864 and composed of only 75 flat plates at 130 frs piece, one of the unit costs for a plate most In all the Second Empire, it was reassured in March 1866 by 24 plates (Arch MNC, Sèvres, Vv7, 30v °, 72).

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- Two plates unidentified went on sale at Drouot, Ader Nordmann, 10 October 2012, lot 41.

- A plate identified by us sold to Drouot, Thierry de Maigret, April 28, 2017, lot 302.

We do not know where is the rest of the service that had to be dispersed.