A rare Sèvres porcelain Royal plate
A rare Sèvres porcelain Royal plate
For the table of King Louis-Philippe at the Château de Randan
Object N° 486

Porcelain plate called "à couteau", the marli with green ground is ornate with polychrome groups of flowers in three cartridges, in an entourage of scrolls printed in gold from which emerge polychrome butterflies, in the center a rich bouquet of polychrome flowers.

Good condition, slight wear on the paint.

Sèvres Royal Factory, 1839.

Mark with the blue stamp with the King's cipher and mark of the painter Sinsson, specialized in flowers.

D. 24 cm.


Service called "fond vert groupes de fleurs impression d'ornements en or", ordered by Louis-Philippe in 1838 for 60 covers, which the King wishes from the outset to offer his sister, Madame Adélaïde, on his personal kitty.

Entered the Sèvres sales store on May 21, 1842 (Arch. Sèvres, Vv3, 102-4), the first delivery of 1048 pieces was delivered to Randan in April 1842 (Vbb 10, 17 v °) "for HRH Madame the Princess Adelaide".

She inherited the Randan estate in 1821 from her mother the Dowager Duchess of Orleans, she made it a sort of intimate landmark and we know all the affection her brother had for her, especially since their exile in England in 1808.

A restocking of 314 pieces will be made in May 1844.