A royal Sèvres porcelain plate
A royal Sèvres porcelain plate
Delivered to King Louis-Philippe for Compiègne and St Cloud
Object N° 1220

With polychrome central decoration of a cameo profile depicting Louis de Rouvroy de Saint-Simon (1675-1755), in a medallion bordered by a gilt laurel wreath, the marli decorated with a frieze of gold palmettes on a background agate blue.

Very good condition.

Sèvres royal factory, 1833.

Marks with blue and red stamps on the back, captioned decoration, mark of the gilder Moyez and the painter Didier.

D. 24 cm.


This service called "Iconographique Français" (not to be confused with that called "des Illustres Français" delivered in 1851 for the Ministry of Education), entered the sales store on April 6, 1832 (Arch. Sèvres, Vv2, f°49 v°50). Described "blue agate background, frieze of gold palm leaves, portraits of famous men painted in the cameo genre", it included in particular 96 flat plates with a unit price of 85 frs. Having been the subject of a restocking of 100 plates on May 6, 1834 (Vv2, f ° 80 v ° 54 and 55), of which our plate was part, the service was used as dessert service on the table of King Louis-Philippe at the palaces of Saint-Cloud and Compiègne from 1833 (with only 100 flat plates per château).