Eugène Lami (1800-1890), after
Eugène Lami (1800-1890), after
Rare colored lithograph depicting the Duke of Orléans
Object N° 1612

Etching titled "The last review. Sad memory / Dedicated to the Army", enhanced with watercolor, depicting Prince Ferdinand-Philippe (1810-1842), Duke of Orleans, eldest son of King Louis-Philippe, on horseback fictitiously passing his last review, following his death on July 13, 1842 from a fall from a horse.

Engraved by E. Desmaisons, lithographer, after Eugène Lami (1800-1890), painter of the model.

Published by Henri Jeannin in Paris, 20, Place du Louvre, in March 1843.

Printed by Lemercier & Cie in Paris.

Very good condition.


H. 24.1 x L. 33.8 cm.

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The National Library of France and the British Museum each keep a copy of this lithograph, not enhanced.