Rare set of 12 Sèvres porcelain imperial plates
Rare set of 12 Sèvres porcelain imperial plates
From Napoleon's service at the Palais de Bordeaux
Object N° 616-627

Twelve porcelain plates with a purple ground, the marli decorated with a polychrome frieze of stylized anemones, in the center a radiant floral motif in gold, gilt rims on the edges.

Wear and small accidents.

Sèvres imperial factory, 1808.

Marked, with imperial marks erased, marks of the painter Choisy Apprien-Julien for some.

D. 23 cm.


This service described as "fond violet frise anémone coloriée" was purchased on June 25, 1808 for the use of the Emperor Napoleon at the Palace of Bordeaux. It is divided into starter and dessert service with 4 small additional baskets at 288 frs (Arch. Sèvres, Vbb2, fol. 83 v° and 84 and Vy18, fol. 44).


The imperial couple stopped over in Bordeaux in the spring of 1808, during the emperor's trip to Spain to settle the Spanish dynastic quarrel. He furnished the various palaces in which he stayed, including the Marracq Palace in Bayonne and the Rohan Palace in Bordeaux.