Set of six Sèvres porcelain plates
Set of six Sèvres porcelain plates
Possibly delivered to King Louis XVIII
Object N° 1255

Series of six flat plates in hard-paste porcelain, the nankin-ground marli is adorned with a frieze of volubilis in brown, surrounded by gold threads, on the edge of the wing a frieze of stylized leaves in gold, in the center a rosette in gold.

Good condition, slight wear to the gold on the edge.

Sèvres Royal Manufactory, Louis XVIII period (1815-1824).

Blue stamped marks with the King's number.

D. 23.5 cm.


This service describes "Fond Nankin volubilis " or more precisely "Nankin background, garland of volubilis in brown, gold frieze and rosette" was particularly appreciated in Sèvres because of many services of entry and dessert under the Empire and the Restauration were produced with this decoration.

Our dessert plates belong to one of the following services:

- A "fond nankin volubilis" service for entry and dessert entered in the Sèvres sales store on May 9, 1810 (Arch. Sèvres, Vu1, fol. 93 v °) was delivered four years later for the service of King Louis XVIII by His Excellency the Duke of Blacas, Minister of the King's Household, in December 1814 (Vbb5, fol. 2 v°).

- This service, described as "nanking volubilis garland background in brown" will be supplemented by a restocking entered at the sales store on May 13, 1813 (Vu1, 5) and which will therefore be delivered to Louis XVIII in December 1814. A part seems to have been delivered to the Count (future Duke) of Blacas in June 1816 (120 "ordinary flat plates" at 9.50 / 12 frs).

- A collection of the "fond nankin volubilis" service entered the store on July 10, 1816 (26 flat plates at 9.50 / 12 frs), probably for King Louis XVIII.

- A dessert service "fond nankin volubilis" entered the store on September 25, 1816 (80 flat plates at 9.50 / 12 frs). It is not known to whom it is delivered.

- A dessert service "fond nankin volubilis" entered the store on March 26, 1817 (118 flat plates at 9.50 / 12 frs) then was delivered to Mrs. Adanson on August 22, 1818.

We do not know in which residence the service delivered to King Louis XVIII was used but we can think that it was served at the Tuileries, being the first service cited as "delivered to the King" among the services of the royal table, most of which will not be delivered until 1816.