Exceptional miniature of Royal provenance
Exceptional miniature of Royal provenance
Portrait of Ferdinand-Philippe, duke of Chartres, 8 days old
Object N° 1601

Rectangular miniature painted with gouache on ivory, unsigned, representing the eldest son of Louis-Philippe, the future Duke of Orleans (1810-1842), in his cradle at the age of eight days, surrounded by roots from where emerging nascent lily flowers.

In its original frame in ebony, gilded brass, with suspension ring.

On the back is the crowned MA stencil monogram of Queen Marie-Amélie accompanied by an inventory number 164.

Good condition.

Italy, Sicily or Naples ?, circa 1810.

H. 8.5 x L. 10 cm. Frame: H. 10 x L. 11.8 cm.


- Marie-Amélie of Bourbon-Siciles (1782-1866), queen of the French, wife of king Louis-Philippe.

- J. Kugel Gallery, Paris.

- Pohl-Ströher collection.


This moving miniature is apparently unique because it was made for the private and intimate use of the Duchess of Orleans, Marie-Amélie born princess of Bourbon-Siciles, in 1810 while she was still retained in exile in Palermo with her husband, the Duke of Orleans, future King Louis-Philippe. It was also reproduced in a later album, designed by the Queen who wanted to bring together the major stages of her son's life after the terrible accident of 1842, along with seven other portraits relating to childhood, adolescence and maturity of the Prince Royal. This album, entitled "Memories of thirty-two years of happiness" shows us portraits, mostly known, executed from emblematic canvases or miniatures. We learn that our portrait represents the child at the age of eight days.

To date, there are no other representations of the Duke of Chartres, a young infant in his cradle. This baby is represented to us like a "Moses saved from the waters", in a simple wicker cradle which contrasts with the presence of a lily on the right, which is reminiscent of the royal origin of the new-born.

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Album "souvenir de trente-deux ans de bonheur ", auction "Une collection pour l'histoire" belonging to the Family of France, Sotheby’s Paris, September 29-30, 2015, lot 42.

Sold to the Louis-Philippe Museum, Château d'Eu (Eu, France)